Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cover Scan: The Haunting of Drumroe

These scans were obtained online. I own this novel and have yet to read it. Was published in the late '60s or early '70s. The story is set in Ireland and apparently combines both pagan and Christian elements/history. It also has a couple of recipes for authentic Irish food in the back of the book! :-) The cover art is gorgeous, though her being in that cold snowy night with only a flimsy nightgown (and bare feet??) staggers the imagination. I thought this would be a perfect cover to share for October.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Already?

Yours truly has been gone a while, as I'm currently enjoying fiction of an entirely different genre; more on that later. Wasn't it *just* July?? Sure it was: We went to see "Star Trek" in a blessedly dark and cool theater while it was blistering hot and sunny outside. Zachary Quinto as Young Spock: RrrRRRrr. ;-)

Halloween is a scant 30 days away and this weekend I'll buy candy for the trick-or-treaters. At Walgreens they're selling CANDY BLOOD. :-O It looks like blood (presumably is the same sort of fruity liquid which comes in those little wax soda bottles) in an IV drip bag. Ugh! I'll pass. :-\

I'll try to post some cover art soon; this is the month of October after all! Will begin reading Gothics again in the near future. Speaking of those, my sister expressed an interest so I sent 4 to her: Satan's Rock, Circle of Death, The Devil's Daughter, The Seventh All Hallow's Eve. The very last was recommended by Absinthe, and I unwittingly obtained 2 copies of it. I have yet to read it. The others are highly recommended and I reviewed them months ago. I also tossed in some Halloween goodies (edible and non-) for sis, and a card of glowing jack o' lanterns gracefully dotting a front lawn.

Take care and have a spooktacular (you knew that was coming) October. Yeah I know I'm not the hippest wannabe Goth around, but heck...I try. :-p