Thursday, February 7, 2013

First off:  In May 2012 I signed onto Twitter. Next day I clicked "Follow" on a couple of celeb authors. Took a coffee break. Come back into home office to see I've got a new Follower on Twitter. Wondered who that could be...

...**CLIVE BARKER!!** :-)

Yes, *THE* Hellraiser, Thief of Always, Damnation Game, Abarat, Imajica, Weaveworld, Lord of Illusions, Candyman, Nightbreed CLIVE BARKER!!! :-D

I was PUMPED for days!!

I am working on my 2nd novel for publication and have had 5 personal (though *very* brief) exchanges with Clive via Twitter. HE ROCKS!! I've been a fan since 1987.

Otherwise I'm back on Blogger after MUCH fenagling. *smirk*

Google took over E-Blogger, and I've had a dickens of a time reaccessing this blog. >:-( Added to that, I've been locked out of my Yahoo! account.

Unfortunately my browser isn't quite up to speed with what's completely required it seems; I guess a computer's got to meet USS Enterprise standards? :-p This is a company computer (I work in my home), so I'm limited in what I can do (upgrades, etc are a "no no").

I am still collecting vintage Gothic paperbacks. I'm reading some of them. I am *NOT* interested in doing long-winded reviews anymore, but am willing to post internet-obtained images and write cursory impressions of the novels I do read.

Hopefully I can make this work despite Google's overtake.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Midnight Hearse, by Elliott O'Donnell

It began with this title.
Found at local used/rare bookstore.
Got it for $1.00.
What's so great about that?
O'Donnell's books are rare in the U.S. -- and *pricey*.
Most UK sellers (Ebay or Amazon) refuse to sell to Americans.

More to follow (scans and comments).

I am definitely an Elliott O'Donnell (1872 - 1965) fan.

p.s.: It's been nearly 1.5 years since I last posted. Life has been difficult.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Vampire, by Dumas [1865]

Links feature is not working like usual; sorry, but you'll have to copy and paste into your browser.

Dumas, of the much more popular "The Three Musketeers" fame. Didn't know he'd written a Gothic too. ;-)

Translated by Frank Morlock. I've just now discovered Frank translated this work and so haven't yet read it.

Mr. Morlock happens to be a member of my "Age of Voltaire" group (Yahoo). I'm also recently a moderator of his "Age Of Enlightenment And Reason" group. If you're interested in 18th century Enlightenment philosophy and history, check us

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Bat [When It Flies, Someone Dies!] 1959

Recently I purchased (used...of course) a copy of "The Bat." Later I was recalling Agnes Moorehead, and a film of hers I've owned about 10 years: "The Bat" - with Vincent Price co-starring. I watched the film upon buying it but haven't since rewatched. I wondered if the film were based on the book (a paperback pulp Gothic? what were the chances? nil...) and checked the Internet Movie Database: Sure enough! :-o The movie is based on the novel. Turns out the author (MRR) was a very talented and accomplished lady, who for a while OUT-SOLD that British powerhouse named Agatha Christie! I don't recall much of "The Bat", frankly none of it, so apparently it didn't make an impression (even if I adore Agnes Moorehead). Will watch it again sometime soon. In the meantime, enjoy the following images:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tarn House :: You'll Like My Mother :: Daughter of Despair [and lookalikes]

For all you sons-in-law out there: The 2nd one! :-p I think the model on the cover of "Daughter of Despair" looks a lot like Neve Campbell ala late '90s. I've also seen a cover wherein the model looks very much like Nicole Kidman, Claudia Schiffer, etc. -- celebs who were tots when the cover art was created, if even yet born.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Girl On the Run :: Portrait of a Dead Lady :: The Ice Forest

As in the last post, small but sharp and crisp images. These are obtained via "The Bookshelf":