Monday, November 30, 2009

Three Cover Art

It being rainy and gloomy here the past 3 days, figured I'd share these:

[The Crimson Moon/Call of Glengarron/Eight Candles Glowing]

House Above Hollywood, by Velda Johnston [late '60s]

Snoooooozefest. :-( This novel started out promising, but ultimately bombed. There is no "nightmare cult" throughout most of it, and nothing substantial leading up to the heroine's ensnaring. What we have is a gal who goes to California in search of answers to her alcoholic father's apparent suicide (years later) aging silent-movie siren who likes watching TV and answering fan mail...a snide and suspicious nephew who ultimately turns nice and tries to woo the heroine...a young married Chinese-American couple who pretend to have fake Chinese accents in hopes the old mistress of the mansion will feel more at ease with them (-rolleyes-)...semi-weird happenstances...a slightly shady leech with his own new-agey type following who flatters the old dame. The cover art is beautiful. The story is a constant let-down. I give it 2 stars out of 5 for at least having gotten published. :-\

Friday, November 27, 2009

I voted for Kitty LeClaw! Ms. Horror Blogosphere 2009

I was asked to check out this poll by Karswell (who also created my blog's lovely banner), and to vote for Kitty LeClaw. I've visited Ms. LeClaw's blog numerous times before and have enjoyed her unique style and expression.

I'm glad to vote for you, Kitty; best of luck for a well-deserved win! Trixie also voted (and has always especially loved your blog's title)!