Saturday, May 17, 2008


This blog will indulge my shadow -- or "Personality B," as Carl Jung would put it. "Personality A" is dominant of course, and enjoys sunny 1960s retro/nostalgia, bright colors, etc. Or as some folks (including and especially my husband) would say, "You would have been quite the flowerchild in the 1960s." I was born in 1965 so technically...I was?? ;)

A long-time fan of the original (1966 - 1971) Dark Shadows TV program, I took up an interest in reading Gothic Romance novels (recently) after I grew tired of reading serious non-fiction: Psychology, 18th century Enlightenment, history, science (though I never tire of astronomy), etc. A local used/out-of-print bookstore has a huge selection of Gothic novels of yesteryear in stock...rightfully located in a dark and dank (or what passes for "dank" in this dry desert climate) corner of the store. ;)

I've just finished reading Mostly by Moonlight, by Dorothy Daniels. Will review it soon. It is both entertaining and intelligently written. Approximately 30 other novels await; I look forward to reading them all.

And talk about "cheap" entertainment; I have hours of reading pleasure ahead of far for a grand total of $35.00 or thereabouts. The cover art for these old paperbacks (I'm fortunate most of my copies are in very good, if not mint, condition) are gorgeous.

Gothic Romance novels are a perfect outlet for my Personality B. The novels possess dark, chilling, forboding, haunting elements (yes I love that spooky stuff; it is part of our human Collective Unconscious and must be acknowledged), but (very importantly) they celebrate victory over troubles and trials, and love.

More to follow. Thank you for visiting.

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