Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Movie: The Lost Boys [1987]

Hi Karswell: I'm fine, thanks for the Comment in the most recent post. Been doing a ton of non-fiction reading and involvement with real-life social activities.
If I have to *review* this seriously GOOD film, you either need to come out of that coma or get a kick in the backside. >:-p This is an all-time favorite of mine. My parents were religious fanatics who wouldn't allow my sister and I to go to movies (yes, you read that right; nor could we listen to any form of secular music, TV and books were censored, no square dancing, etc.). In 1987 this film was especially a treat to me; it was one of the "darker" films I'd yet seen (I walked out of "Hellraiser" a few months later, after only 10 minutes into it; couldn't handle its extreme graphic scene of Frank and that box). Just the right amount of seriousness versus comedic touches, and of course those gorgeous actors! I had a crush on Michael and still do. Dwyane also caught my eye. And wasn't Star fantastically beautiful?

Sam and the Frog Brothers; can't imagine the film without them. Grandpa and his "2nd shelf" with its "root beers and double-thick Oreos" and all those icky stuffed animals. I absolutely *loved* Dianne Wiest and her portrayal of mom Lucy. What's especially weird is I'm now a couple of years older than she was in the film. :-O In the opening scene she's reminiscing about "Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon" being from her generation 20 years ago. And now the movie itself is 22 years ago! :-( And who could forget Max and the spaghetti dinner fiasco? Or Michael awakening to floating, going out the window with the telephone while Sam's screaming into Lucy's ear over the restaurant telephone -- ROFL!

One other kudo to the film (besides everything else): The soundtrack wasn't obnoxious. I generally don't like '80s films because of the overbearing and garish soundtracks. TLB has just the right amount of song interjection; the songs ENHANCE the story -- they don't distract. They're like the right amount of heat in your enchiladas; enjoyable, but so is the fried corn tortilla and cheese.

And here's Michael's reaction to your a] never having seen the film (incomprehensible) or b] you didn't like it:

;-) I am reading a Gothic novel; will review it when finished.


Karswell said...

Haha... nice enchilada analogy. I keep meaning to revisit this movie since it's been years so thanks for the reminder! And welcome back to the world of blogging too!

Cindy M said...

It's nice being back. :-)

It's been great seeing the film again, on DVD. I could watch it a couple of times a year; it never gets old.