Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Vampire, by Dumas [1865]

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Dumas, of the much more popular "The Three Musketeers" fame. Didn't know he'd written a Gothic too. ;-)

Translated by Frank Morlock. I've just now discovered Frank translated this work and so haven't yet read it.

Mr. Morlock happens to be a member of my "Age of Voltaire" group (Yahoo). I'm also recently a moderator of his "Age Of Enlightenment And Reason" group. If you're interested in 18th century Enlightenment philosophy and history, check us



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lisalgreer said...

Hi, Cindy, is it? Are you still posting on this blog? I have skimmed it back to its beginnings. It's great! :) I'm collecting, rereading, cataloging my gothics as well. They had the biggest influence on me probably of any genre!