Saturday, August 2, 2008


What the heck is "Sundari"?

It's a Japanese Tarot. The full name is "Sundari Love Qabbalah Tarot." I've posted two panels of Sundari: One example in the right-hand column beneath the gothic candles and another towards the end of blog page.

Ultrafeminine, Gothicky, sexy.

Came across this Tarot set quite by accident yesterday. Didn't even know it existed. Was immediately taken with the images. Unfortunately it is not an actual published deck (so far as I was able to discover). Its images were reproduced in two Japanese "mooks" (a combo of magazine and book) in 2007, according to one lucky owner of the cards.

I tried finding back issues of Sundari for sale, in order to obtain the cards. No luck.

Enjoy the images!

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