Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Secrets of Dr. Taverner [by Dion Fortune]

Is a collection (12) of short true stories by Christian mystic/occultist Dion Fortune [real name Violet Firth: 1890 - 1946]. My copy is by Ariel Press [same as in pic]. I'm sure Google will yield up info and or would have copies available.

"Dr. Taverner" was a real-life male mystic under whom Fortune worked and studied. These short stories recount her most remarkable "cases" with him as mentor. Ms. Fortune briefly outlines all this in her Introduction.

The stories are:
1. Blood-Lust.
2. The Return of the Ritual.
3. The Man Who Sought.
4. The Soul That Would Not Be Born.
5. The Scented Poppies.
6. The Death Hound
7. A Daughter of Pan.
8. The Subletting of the Mansion
9. Recalled.
10. The Sea Lure.
11. The Power House.
12. A Son of the Night.

Gothic enough for you? Lol.It's right up the Gothic alley. I've had this book about 14 years now, occasionally re-read the stories. Always interesting.

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