Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blade Runner [1982]

Ah, Blade Runner; what's not to love? Who didn't find the opening scene of "The Hades Landscape" breathtaking, and with the Vangelis soundtrack combined? Magnificent.

It needs no review from me. I love sci-fi and while this isn't "a Gothic," I definitely do enjoy the dark mood and brooding quality of the film - particularly in the winter; this is a winter film for me. The detective aspect of it is another draw, and I prefer the version which contains Deckard's monologue.

The city. Who wouldn't be drawn for a visit?

And the lovely Rachael. She's my favorite character. I only wish they'd written something profound for her to say.

I missed seeing the film in a theater in 1982. I hope it's re-released to the Big Screen for its 30th (gosh...can it be??) anniversary in 2012.

*First posted this in January 2009. I enjoy the film so much, particularly this time of the year, I couldn't resist reposting it.*

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