Monday, February 15, 2010

Vampire Hunter D: The Novels

This past Friday, while browsing in Hasting's, I noticed one of these novels for sale. Hadn't known VHD had been novelized, though it didn't surprise me. I also noticed it's a serial collection and was curious to see what selection Barnes & Noble might have. Turns out B & N has nearly every title, and I bought 4 of them (will try to find a photo of the 4th tomorrow). I *love* Vampire Hunter D, immediately liked the original 1985 Anime film back then.

These books are NOT graphic novels. They are labeled as Manga, despite reading right to left and only containing 9 or 10 illustrations. The style is prose. The creator of VHD wrote these novels in the mid-1980s, and around 2006 they were finally translated into English. :-)

The cover art are gorgeous. I got these from Google Images and none of the scans really do the art justice.

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