Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's :::raining::: Gothic Romance novels

I did a bit of searching for "Jane Gordon." She's the author of the novel I'm currently reading, Season of Evil. It's a delightful, highly entertaining read [and rather unusual in one aspect, but no spoilers; will review it when I'm finished]. I decided to try and track Ms. Gordon down. Turns out she's Elsie Lee [Sheridan] and she's a multiply-published author, including of non-fiction [gourmet cookbooks and party guides].

Found the above link. Two novels in particular interested me: Silence is Golden [with its gorgeous cover art] and Barrow Sinister. As luck would have it, my local used bookstore with its well-stocked Gothic section had each...and each in excellent condition. :-)

I also picked up Dark Moon, Lost Lady and Clouds over Vellanti.

All 4 for only $1.25. Each in excellent condition with fabulous cover art.

I told the cashier, "I'm cleaning out your Gothics." He laughed and said, "Good! There's plenty back there."

Glad I went on an internet hunt for Jane Gordon. Here's to her! *Toast* And hours of pleasurable reading ahead.

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