Friday, September 19, 2008

Just lipstick

In the latest novel (last night's reading) the heroine dresses, brushes her hair and applies lipstick before going downstairs for breakfast coffee.

I've previously come across, in a different novel, another reference to the heroine applying only lipstick as her daily makeup.

No foundation nor powder. No eyeshadow nor rouge (aka "blush").

Just lipstick.

That's a fun flashback, because my mother did the same thing back in the day. In photos from the late 1950s and throughout the '60s: Lipstick. That's it.

I asked her once why just lipstick? We gals from the 1980s painted our faces with lots of makeup: Particularly eyes and cheeks. But we had the entire ensemble: Groomed eyebrows, eyelashes and lips as well.

She couldn't recall why. It was just "the thing" back then.

I love retro stuff, and these novels are another treat in that regard; they often provide little memory glimpses from early childhood.

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