Friday, September 26, 2008

Nostalgia 1

I plan to comment on bits of nostalgia from these books. Last evening "rhubarb and soda" was mentioned; the heroine's grandmother requests it from the local drugstore to help her indigestion. I'd never heard of this concoction before and sure enough found an online reference:

Also a reference to "bobby pins." My mother had zillions of them. Sure they're still around, though not commonly used nor referred to in this region of the U.S. Bobby pins...that sure tweaks the memory.

Those, and a male character entering the drugstore (for rhubarb and soda, bobby pins and toothpaste), and inquiring of the store's owner if he can use the telephone. Ah yes, those wonderful days without annoying cellphones -- lol!


Absinthe said...

hehe my mom still uses bobby pins! They are definitely a blast from the past. Yes the age before cell phones was very different - I was just watching a movie the other day that would never happen today. The heroine was trapped in her apartment and the killer had cut the wires to the phone and the power. Now a days you would just use your cell phone, then she was really trapped with no hope of help.

Cindy M said...

Hi. :-) Yep, how well I remember those days. And movie scenes of characters running/driving madly around looking for a pay phone.

Watching TV shows and films from the mid- to late 1980s is strange now: It seems they should have cell phones and laptops and Blackberry's, lol. We didn't have those back then??

sexy said...