Friday, October 31, 2008

Paranoiac! Hammer Films, 1963

I'm recommending this b/w screen gem. Stars Janette Scott and the gorgeous Oliver Reed. A favorite scene in the film: It's birthday time again, and though we don't want to trigger any nasty memories for Eleanor [?] the cake is nonetheless wheeled out with a butcher knife to cut it with. :-P

I have a Hammer Film collection, 12 in all. Love Peter Cushing (those cheekbones -- *sigh*). Unfortunately Mr. Cushing is not in Paranoiac!

We might watch it this evening after the dinner party, whilst handing out goodies to the kids.


Absinthe said...

I'm madly in love with all things Hammer myself! My three top horror icons are Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. :)

Cindy M said...

Oh...yeah. :-) Peter Cushing *forever.*

An absolute favorite is "The Brides of Dracula."

Barrymore said...

Paranoiac is one of my Hammer fav's as well. Oliver Reed: "I'm drunk, Auntie." No $hit, Oliver! I also think this is very much in keeping with the Gothic Romance fiction formula of the era, let's try to hoodwink the heiress. Great companion piece to enjoy alongside of Nightmare and Scream of Fear