Saturday, October 25, 2008

When life reads like a Gothic novel.

Come to think of it, more like a *comedy* novel.

2008 sure has been A Year For Screwballs. Will skip the meaty/juicy dramatic bits, though (sorry to disappoint). One involved Pam, a friend's friend, who apparently skipped her meds one day and threatened Alondra with court action/lawsuit for "internet slander." That's the thanks Alondra got for years of friendship to her. Another involved "M", who sabotaged a fun online friendship over his latest squeeze -- that's my best guess. Apparently he confused me with his ex-wife, insofar as attempting to provoke jealousy (and he's the 1st man to come bragging to me about a sexual conquest; that's the respect she gets from him). Pointless; it was platonic, I'm married and live 1600 miles away. It's amazing, the dumb things people will harm and/or ruin friendships over.

Stupid is as stupid does (I guess life really is like a boxsa chok'lits). I'm 43 and it's gotten to the point where I can laugh at these idiots. Actually they're not entirely idiots: They craftily give you two choices: Keep quiet and take it OR react and then they react either abusively or passive-aggressively.

Fuck them. You know? :-)

Anywho, a scanner and a banner are forthcoming. I'm a bit reluctant about the scanner -- only because I'm a tad bit impatient and my computer is a '98 Presario. Yep, a dinosaur. Hopefully I'll soon have crisp images posted with each "review" AND I'll go back and start inserting scans of novels previously "reviewed." Lots of these have gorgeous cover art. ;-)

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