Sunday, October 12, 2008

Summer of the Fire Ship by Nancy Faulkner [1976]

I picked this up as the next novel to read after finishing the previous [review forthcoming later today]. Will "review" this one first because imo it's a lemon. There's references to children calling someone "Aunt Witch" and then mention of "Hansel and Gretel." What's next, skipping through The Enchanted Forest?

Also, constantly encountering the name "Cindy" frequently throughout the text is disruptive. If it were the main character's name it wouldn't be a problem; the narrative is in the 1st person. Mine is a mostly uncommon name in fiction, so when I encounter it it's...oddly disruptive.

I wasn't impressed with anything I read. Pass.

Couldn't find an image via Google. My copy (Popular Library) shows a mostly bluish gray cover, coastline and lighthouse, mildly crashing waves, beautiful wind-swept brunette wearing a cloak and gown.

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