Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Master of Phoenix Hall (cover scan)

Have just now obtained this terrific cover scan via Ecrater. The colors are true (thank you whoever you are!). I found this Gothic at the local used bookstore today. The title on the spine was unfamiliar, it was on the top shelf; I'm glad I reached up to check the is *gorgeous.* :-) Instantly one of my absolute favorites. The girl with her flowing gown and lovely white gloves, tapering lit candle, ancient weaponry, another gloomy dungeon door; and notice the three dangling skulls. Fabulous! Had to share it now. Probably will read after I've finished two current Gothics.

p.s.: Until I can get my account to open (to host the original larger image), here's the scan's link:


Karswell said...

That is a nice cover... the subtle dabs of purple give it a chilly touch of surrealism, like how Mario Bava used to light his films.

I just picked up a copy of William Sloane's "To Walk the Night" (the 1967 Bantam reprint version with the crazy creepy face photo cover.) Ever see it?

Cindy M said...

Yes, it's very beautiful. Quite a lucky find! There currently aren't a lot of "new" Gothics coming into the local used bookstore, and as I didn't recognize the title I decided to check the cover.

No, I've not seen the cover of Mr. Sloane's book; in fact, I've not known of it until your mention. :-)