Friday, February 20, 2009

The Demon Tower

Another Gothic I don't own, but would like to. The cover art is uniquely compelling, as her sable hair blends into the dark background which ominously overshadows the distant castle bathed in an eerie orange late-afternoon glow. Her deeply lined and mascared eyes are drawn to the castle in both dread and fascination. Pretty pink lipstick contrasts with the surrounding dominant colors. The single bright diamond-burst of light beckoning from the castle turret is an especially attractive touch.

There is a similar cover available at the local used bookstore. The model on that novel looks a lot like Elizabeth Taylor in the late '60s; I doubt it's a coincidence. Must be the same artist: Both faces loom very large in the foreground. The castle or mansion, vividly portrayed, is situated in the distance.

Absinthe would take the time to track down the artists of these covers. I'm sorry to say I don't have the time nor patience [nor inkling really] to do that. The identity of this artist is curious, and if anyone reading this knows, please post a reply; thank you.

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