Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gothic Star Trek: Catspaw [1967]

This is Trixie's favorite episode. ;-) I'm a fan of the original [only] Star Trek and "Catspaw" came to mind today. Haven't seen it in years. William Shatner was my HEART-THROB from ages 11 to 40 [then along came Hayden Christensen as bad-boy Anakin Skywalker, Shatner got de-throned, and this is going off topic].

Anywho, here's the Plot Summary from IMDb:

"When Kirk and his landing party arrive on the planet below, they are met by eerie mists, a dark castle, witches, goblins and a black cat. They soon learn that they are under the influence of a wizard, Korob, who tries to bend them to his will. They also soon learn that the black cat they saw is more than she appears and is in fact a powerful witch in her right. It is left to Kirk and Spock to find a means to escape their grasp."

That IS Gothic, no? Yes.

Enjoy the following. Trixie is miffed that no photo of the black cat is available via Google [I've tried telling her life is not fair...]:

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here.

Kirk: "I got an apple."

McCoy: "I got a pack of chewing gum!"

Spock: "It seems, gentlemen, that I got a rock. Illogical."

"Bones, meet -- bones."

"Dammit Jim, that's NOT funny."

"Vat?! You get me only this SHEEP junk jew-ell-ery?! I vill PUNISH EVERYONE for that!!"

"A-ha-HA! I cooks them - your lettle friends, like ze cocktail weiners!"

Susan!! Oh; wait -- no. That's not my sister. Sorry Susan.


Karswell said...

Haha! Funny stuff Cindy... and yep, I'm a Trekkie too.

I am a bit surprised you didn't mention this great episode was written by Robert Bloch though!

Cindy M said...

Hi Karswell: It didn't occur to me to check who'd written the story [I wouldn't have recalled].

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for commenting. :-)