Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who Rides a Tiger || Sutter's Sands

I've recently purchased these two novels; the 1st arrived yesterday in the mail. Will read them, but will also admit I bought them primarily for the covers. They were listed near to each other at [who provided the cover scans]; the unique beauty of each and stark contrast to one another were indeed appealing.

I love the moody, somber blues broken by a large white foreground candle affixed to its solid metal holder, and the slashes of bright red. And note the shadowy figure of a woman in the background, also holding a candle. Candles, lanterns and Victorian gas lights are favorites.

As for "Sutter's Sands," the woman's complexion is not right but somehow it works with the bold blue eyeshadow and coral lipstick. The greens and golds in the background, and the shading of her brown hair with its reddish highlights, bring it all together.

These are my most favored style of cover art. I couldn't resist.

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