Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gothic Star Trek: Catspaw [1967] Part II

Upon Trixie's strong insistence, I did a more thorough Google search and indeed found a couple of photos of The Cat [among other things]:

"This is how you say 'Meow Mix' in Klingoni!"

"I've got a big wand, Captain. Ha ha ha."

"Well, Korob, MINE is bigger. And size DOES matter."

"I'm supposed to look like a gigantic black cat in a human-sized corridor, but instead I look like a kitten in a playhouse. How insulting! Hey...that corner over there would make a great spot for my litter box. If only Korob would clean it out more often, the fat lazy oaf."

"So you're going to kill my crew by a fire spell just because I mentioned your lousy interior decorating scheme, and suggested you get a life??"

Kirk: "A clever idea, Mr. Spock: That we make costumes to look like the clothing our Evil Parallel Universe counterparts wore, and pretend to be evil."

Spock: "Thank you, Captain. It's worth a try. However, I am experiencing ongoing difficulties with the false beard glue; it's failing to adhere properly to my skin."

Kirk: "Nevermind that now. Hopefully Korob won't notice. We've got to be EVIL now, Spock; out-evil the evil!"

Spock: "Affirmative, Captain. I shall endeavor to be evil."

"Bones, can you help me here?? Oh! What am I saying?"

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