Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chateau Chaumand:::The Leland Legacy:::The Voice of the Dolls [Cover Scans]

Whilst crunching on her kitty food morsels, Trixie suggested it was time I post some cover scans. One was obtained via Ebay (camera icon), the other two are from a bookseller.

I own a copy of "The Voice of the Dolls" (excellent condition), but it'll probably be a while before it's read. The sky blue background is unusual, but oddly enough it works. I love all of these covers. "Chateau Chaumand" is one I hoped to purchase, as its cover is especially colorful and detailed, and the artwork on the arch is intriguing (astrological symbols?); but the only seller I could find wanted $12.50 for it -- and that NOT including shipping and handling. Am keeping an eye out for it becoming available locally. "The Leland Legacy" is another cover I'd like to own: It's especially somber and haunting, and sea scapes are always a favorite.

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