Friday, July 10, 2009

Movie: Suddenly, Last Summer [1959]

Googling for additional information will
likely result in a spoiler.

Here's a partial synopsis from Wikipedia:

PLOT - The story features Catharine Holly, a young woman who seems to go insane after her cousin Sebastian dies on a trip to Europe under mysterious circumstances. Sebastian's mother, Violet Venable, tries to cloud the truth about her son's homosexuality and his death, as she wants him to be remembered as a great artist. She threatens to lobotomize Catharine for her incoherent utterances relating to Sebastian's demise. Finally, under the influence of a truth serum, Catharine tells the gruesome story...{SNIP}

I recently mentioned having seen this film once, probably twice, years ago. It's harrowing and unforgettable. Tried finding it for sale locally to no avail; will have to mail order.

The "old" song by The Motels of the same title comes to mind as well. Seems fitting.

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