Monday, July 13, 2009

Jewish Gothic

Alrighty folks [whoever is reading this blog...lately I wonder if I'm simply talking to myself], I was curious to know what Jewish structures might be Gothic. We've got people from a spectrum of religious [or quasi-religious or no religious] persuasions who embrace Gothic. As architecture goes, it only stands to reason that in Europe there were Jewish Gothic structures. I found 5 via Google images, although one seems to have a Christian saint (statue) before it, but the pic is small and it's difficult to tell. The first image of a long tapered serrated roof is a synagogue. The last image is my favorite and it's a tomb (not because it's a tomb, but simply because it's so ornate and elaborate). Enjoy:


Harp of Hyperion said...

Be assured, I read your blog fairly regularly.

Don't usually have any comments to make, because I haven't read the books myself.

Let me make a recommendation: the "Dark Shadows" novels by Marilyn Ross are *quite* fun!

Cindy M said...

Greetings Harp of Hyperion: Thanks for reading my blog and for the comment. :-) It seems people either love or loathe MR's DS novels; no middle ground. ;-)