Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cover Art & Two Types of Gothic

The only of these I own is the 1st: "Out of the Fog." I was taken with its unique beauty (particularly her dress), ran to the local used bookstore and a nice copy of it was there! That was last autumn. As to the "two types of Gothic," what do I mean? Positive Gothic and Negative Gothic. Positive has values and ethics: The protagonist is caring, compassionate, conscientious, there's a happy ending. It's *so* American [happy 4th of July everyone!]. Negative Gothic is "Dark Shadows" [the old TV soap opera]. I've been a fan, but am increasingly disliking it; few redeeming qualities, everyone ends up dead or destroyed. I value Positive Gothic. To that end, what Negative Gothics I might own will be returned to the bookstore for exchange/credit. And now for the cover scans [obtained online, probably via Ebay]:

[Out of the Fog/The Sinister Voice/The Dark Watch]

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