Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Florence Hurd

I'm currently reading a novel by Florence Hurd (alongside another - different author). Am truly enjoying it; she's an excellent storyteller. I have a cover scan for that novel [which I'll post upon review], but decided to check out the cover art for her other books. Found the following scans at Fantasticfiction.co.uk; these are among the finest cover art for one author I've yet found.

Here's a bit of biographical info about Ms. Hurd; she died last year. A pity this author of 32 books only received a blurb of attention in the local press [Link never works for me; I did try again to use Link feature but it didn't take]:


And now for the cover art: I particularly like "The Gorgon's Head" and would especially love to have that cover. :-) "Witches' Pond" is very striking, and I also like the strong simplicity of "Seance for the Dead"; will try to find these too, locally. "Wade House" is in one of my metal boxes, not yet read:


Barrymore said...

Gorgon's Head has a fun cover.

Are yoy able to identify the artist on the cover of Secret of Seacliff Pines?

Cindy M said...

Hi Barrymore: No, I'm afraid not. :-(

Karswell said...

How could someone not want to read a story called The Gorgon's Head! Awesome.

Cindy M said...

Yes indeed, Karswell. :-)

I have ordered that novel from an Illinois bookseller (so then "Wyndspelle" is not my final mail order - lol [my husband will strangle me eventually]), and it should arrive late next week; yay!