Monday, January 12, 2009

Up Next...

I've found a slew of very nice cover scans of novels I don't yet have (mostly) or have not yet read (few). The scans were posted at the BookIt web site. I came across these scans 1/2 hour ago, while searching Ebay for a specific cover scan of a novel I've recently locally acquired. Ironically, just last week I ordered a novel from BookIt. Will download to my Photobucket account and begin posting them by 2s or 3s soon.

I'll also post the final Belmont Double Gothic cover art I know of, which I don't have. Need to get that posted as previously promised.

Earlier today my husband and I drove 75 miles north to visit a relative. That small town has a bookstore named "Black Cat Books & Coffee." Very charming, filled with cool Southwest ambience...and NO Gothics. :-(

More soon!

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