Saturday, January 10, 2009

Travel alarm clock

Am currently reading two Gothics, and in the one (featuring the pregnant "Mrs. Tabby") our heroine is awakened (on the 2nd day) by her travel alarm clock. That's surprising, as one would expect if she's hired as (potentially long-term) house caretaker, wouldn't an alarm clock already be part of her room's furnishings? Published in 1966, I'll presume Emeline's travel clock would look a lot like that in the photo. :-) My sister and I each had one in the mid-1970s; I'm surprised our penny-pinching tightwad parents allowed us each that luxury, lol!

These travel alarm clocks are mentioned quite frequently in the Gothics I've read thus far. Always brings back the memories of my (wish I'd kept it!!) early '70's-model little green travel clock with its attachment hasp up top and tab for insertion into the clasp at the case's bottom. It's a triangle configuration once set in place; otherwise it neatly folds back into the case with a snap. I'm sure other folks here are familiar with this. :-)

Meanwhile, as per usual, Trixie's snuggling up with mommy as I read the novels. And she's asking for Mrs. Tabby; has she delivered her litter yet? I tell her, "Wait and see"...and so she dozes off again, purring, awaiting more news of Mrs. Tabby in the story. ;-)

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