Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coffin Candle Tins: Arrived!

These little gems arrived just 15 minutes ago in the mail. I ordered two of them, "Seattle Rain" scent; one for sister and the other for myself. They are pudgy palm-fit cuties with a mild and pleasing scent. Mine's already on my dresser, and once the wax is burned it'll go into my purse to hold mints or coins. AntiSally tucked in two white matchbooks with crimson lettering, and also a little box of Lemonheads candy with her business card. AntiSally is a professional; she always profusely thanks the customer and service is speedy. is her addy. She makes and sells cruelty-free/vegan soaps, lotions and oils primarily. Other Goth-oriented goodies as well. I do recommend her!

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