Friday, December 4, 2009

Coffin Candle Tins from AntiSally

And other goodies!

Okay, I know it's probably not Goth to say "Oh, aren't those CUTE?" But yeah: Those coffin candle tins are *adorable.* :-D

***Introduction Priced at $3.99:

Coffin Candle Tins. Each 2" metal coffin tin filled with 100% natural soy wax in your choice of GothRosary Fragrances and a pure cotton wick. The perfect spa candle for those personal inventory days. A great over the hill gift or the best way to tell your Goth that you love them. The empty tin is a lovely keepsake box for pocket or purse...***

I've done business with AntiSally before and highly recommend her at: She makes all sorts of cool stuff, including a private Goth item I particularly cherish. Will do business with her again soon (and no, she's not aware that I'm promoting her and doesn't know about this blog).

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