Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The cover I've wanted!

This was scanned by Absinthe of the now-gone (and still very much missed) "Gloomy Sunday" blog. It was her copy of course, and I've hoped to obtain one of my own, but apparently there are very few "out there". Before she unexpectantly pulled the plug on her blog last year, Absinthe offered to let me copy and use her scans; at the time of course I had no idea she was about to cease blogging. :-\ So, on the off-chance you're reading this Absinthe: Thanks again. It's my absolute favorite cover. I've found the novel itself locally (different edition/publisher), and later placed an order for what I thought was THIS edition with THIS cover. Alas it turns out I ordered (and paid S & H) for the same edition as I already had (its cover is pathetic).
What's this cute chubby kitten doing on Garnet Night? Yours truly is in a slightly foul mood this a.m.; something furry and adorable to look at might help restore the merries.


Karswell said...

This is indeed a fab cover, I would love to see a higher resolution scan (detail of course on the vampire girl.) How's the story?

Cindy M said...

Hi Karswell: I've not yet read it. Absinthe gave it good reviews; 4 Towers of Doom out of 5, if I recall correctly. :-)

I'm jealous of Absinthe for that novel, lol.

Cindy M said...

p.s.: I'm currently reading "The Haunting of Helen Wren" by Jan Alexander. Will review it ASAP; so far so very good.