Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Vampire Tarot :: Robert M. Place


I do like Tarot. :-) But I don't read the cards for two reasons, one of which is they're too habit-forming (to the point of being a weakness).

The other day whilst yours truly was traipsing through Barnes & Noble, this gorgeous black and crimson box grabbed my eye. Sort of like Bugs Bunny's sudden-stop {{-!!KOING!!-}} reaction. :-p

Inner thoughts: {No. Don't buy it. Habit forming!}

Next day: Bought it. :-p

But it's still unopened. These things take time...like aging wine.
;-) And I don't even like wine. Okay, like good sex then. :-D

The factor which decided me, aside from the art of course, was the direct tie-in to Bram Stoker's "Dracula."

I, a former ace Tarot reader, will also say it is powerful. Even wrapped and unopened. The second I held the box in my hands, I felt its deeply powerful resonance (as a child I had the gift of psychometry; knew what was inside wrapped gifts; always freaked my parents and sister out). I look forward to enjoying the lovely art and reading the accompanying book.

And of course Mina is always Winona Ryder (who I've not yet forgiven for breaking up with Johnny Depp!). ;-)

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