Thursday, December 10, 2009

Favorite Seasonal Items

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween -- all around this blog. And since we know Halloween is over, here's some of my favorite December stuff. My "religious" calendar is not easily categorized (that's all I'll say); however, I do enjoy the sights, scents, flavors and overall merriment which is December. And yes, I also do like fruitcake - if it's my mother's recipe. Go ahead and laugh; you're just jealous YOU can't have a slice of it with a dab of fresh butter. >:-p And creamy dreamy homemade eggnog; such a delight. No rum. No liquor shall touch my delicious eggnog! Not that I'm against an occasional mixed drink, it's just that eggnog must remain pure and undefiled. ;-) I've included a photo of Orange Drop Cookies (with orange frosting). They are tender cake-like cookies, fabulously delicious; I've not yet known one person who disliked Orange Drop Cookies (in fact I've known of people *fighting* over them). Have a good season everyone!

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