Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No coal in MY stocking, no sir!

Skull shaped (duh!) glycerin soaps.
Mini Fragrance Mists 5ml

Santa Claus says I'm a good girl and can order some holiday goodies from AntiSally at GothRosary.com :-D

MINI Fragrance Mists 5ml Alcohol Free = $2.99
Fragrance SHADOWS™
Fragrance GOTHIC ROSE™

Tin Coffin Travel Candle = $3.99 [scroll down for pic in previous post]
Fragrance GRAVEYARD™

Skull Shaped Organic Vegan Glycerin Guest Size Soaps = $4.99
Fragrance BLACK WINGS™

All is made by her and cruelty free, natural. And she has roughly 5 additional fragrances not indicated in this post. Can't wait! My husband will probably think I've truly flipped now...but so far he's cool with it. Frankly it may be more he's just finally given up on me. :-p

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