Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good Riddance to The Decade from Hell!

It's only fair to post some images (obtained via internet and NOT scanned by me) if I'm going to blather a bit. "Time" Magazine proclaimed this decade "The Decade From Hell." I heartily agree; however, we (husband/myself) have had a handful of good/fortunate things for which we're thankful/grateful. The last (I hope) "hurrah!" in this weird and troubling decade occurred a scant 2 months ago: A cute old (82!) man who I'd considered fatherly and sweet turns out to WANT me. :-O You know the old saying: Snow on the roof, fire in the hearth. Yipes! That was truly stunning. And he's not giving up either! =:-O I've been touched, followed, eavesdropped on by this man. Yesterday he was dressed To The Nines, displaying jealousy towards my husband and smiling knowingly at me. :-( It is STRANGE being aggressively pursued by a very mobile and healthy elderly man. He needs to reconcile with his estranged elderly wife and quit chasing me! Geez. It'd be funny if I weren't so UNsure I couldn't outwrestle/outwrangle him if the old boy gets insistent enough. :-( Yeah, he played it very cool and innocent until the mask came off. Life sure IS full of surprises. Sort of like Gothic Suspense!

I do have "Greystones." It'll be read later. Basically I'm something of a nerd girl with an IQ of 130 who prefers serious and nonfiction, such as "The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, The World's Most Astonishing Number" by Mario Livio [2002]. I recommend it! ;-)

Oh, and I *love* the cover of "Shadow of a Witch." I'm still hoping to obtain a copy of it.

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