Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Absinthe's treasure box has arrived!

The box of Gothics I won from Absinthe's writing contest arrived late last evening, around 5 o'clock, just as I was wrapping up a long day of work [online/in my home] and preparing to fix spaghetti & meatballs.

After dinner I enjoyed opening and delving into that big box! WOW Absinthe! :-)

Other readers: *IF* she hosts another such contest in the future, I'd encourage you to participate. You won't regret the prize!

Absinthe, you mentioned at your blog earlier this week that half the bounty would be comprised of Mystique novels. You weren't exaggerating. ;-) I was especially curious to see the titles, covers, back descriptions; I've seen a few at the local used bookstore. The cover art instantly takes me back in time. I've already picked out 4 which are in my (ever-burgeoning, lol) "to read in near future" pile:

+ Voices of Terror [Claudette Virmonne]
+ Shadow of Evil [Lise Blanchet]
+ Love's Testimony [Marianne Andrau]
+ Stalked by Fear [Liliane Robin]

Of the entire box, only 3 novels are duplicates of what I already own. I've begun reading "Dark Eden" by Barbara Kevern [alongside another Gothic I purchased]. Hoped there'd be a cover scan via Ebay or Fantasticfiction, but no. :-(

Absinthe, I'd been hoping to get a copy of Miriam Lynch's "The Doomsday Bells" and also "Lord Satan" by Janet Louise Roberts. Couldn't find either locally and was happy to see them in the box.

"Harvest of Terror" looks like an excellent NURSE Gothic. I work in the medical field and especially enjoy nurses as protagonists.

"Beast in View" -- that's got my curiosity going! She's the heroine AND fiend?

The cover art of "The Castle and the Key" is familiar. ;-) I'll post "it" soon in its different cover service.

"Mistress of Devil's Manor" is part of the Kitty Telefair Series I see. You've mentioned it.

The cover art of "Marry in Haste" by Jane Aiken Hodge is gorgeous. Hoped to find it online; couldn't. Also, "The Brides of Bellenmore" has the *classic* Gothic cover art and layout, imo.

I've got 10 of the "regular Gothics" [non-Mystique] in my "to read in near future" pile.

But it's ALL an excellent collection and I've got many hours of reading pleasure ahead. :-)


Absinthe said...

Yay! I'm glad the box made it safely there! I'm always worried that stuff will stray in the mail system they seem to specially despise "media mail" shipments! Glad you like everything, Beast in View is a very strange book - I liked it alot. It's in my to be posted on the blog pile. I would definitely recommend the Robert's books - she is an amazing writer.

Cindy M said...

Hi Absinthe: Yes, I was just starting to get a tad worried it might have gotten lost in the mail. That box traveled halfway across the country. :-) I'm surprised the shipping cost wasn't more (am glad for your sake of course); I can barely lift it! Lol!

Thanks again.