Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gorgeous cover art

A larger version of this 1955 cover of The Quicksilver Pool by Phyllis A. Whitney:

It's been scanned alongside another. I found the novel yesterday and purchased it solely for the cover art; the story itself runs 310 pages and that's definitely 100 more pages than I care to devote to a novel. ;-) The image was scanned by a French-speaking person trying to sell the items on Ebay. Thank you whoever you are! I didn't count on finding that image on the 'net.

An update about the scanner: I've obtained a used computer (returnable) and will attempt to download the scanner onto it this weekend.

The banner is forthcoming regardless. I'll get an M.O. in the mail to Steve by the weekend.

Meanwhile I've obtained another two dozen Gothics. Have the next 3 to be read picked out, am nearly finished with the current which I'll review soon. Need to obtain another fireproof metal box for my latest in the collection. I'm soooo glad my husband is indulgent in this regard, lol!


Absinthe said...

Glad to hear about the scanner - I have the Quicksilver Pool but with another cover. I think it is one I've already read awhile back too. That is a really great cover though!

After my distaste with my latest endeavor I have found a very short, sweet one to read and should be done tonight/tomorrow! :)

Cindy M said...

Yes, the second I saw that cover I plucked it off the shelf *pronto.* Everything about it is WOW.

You're a quicker reader than I am. ;-) I tend to get rather absorbed with visualizing, which naturally slows me down a bit.

sexy said...