Friday, November 28, 2008

Double Gothics: My 2nd

This scan was obtained via It's just a bit blurry *frown*, but I can't be too choosy.

I received it in the mail around August.

The header reads: "She was friendless and frightened when evil threatened." What appears as bright silver stars around the curving stairwell in "Amber Twilight" is indeed, and upon obtaining this volume it instantly reminded me of the infamous stairwell scene in "Poltergeist" (presumably they're supposed to represent the amber-colored candle flames). Anyway, this story is in my "to be read in near future" pile; it's written by Miriam Lynch (one of my favorite authors so far) and concerns a young photographer who's suddenly knocked out and comes-to later in an abandoned mansion. The back description reads: "Blackhall had always fascinated me. I wanted to photograph it against the soft backdrop of snow. As I focused my camera, someone crept up behind me and struck me down...I awoke alone inside the house. It was a maze of curving corridors and staircases, a strange and eerie place. There was no daylight anywhere. The flames of many candles made a perpetual amber-tinted twilight, unearthly and disturbing. I sensed something evil in this decaying house..."

Paula Minton's "Portrait of Terror" is next obviously. Its header reads: "Could she escape the accusation of murder?" Ms. Minton (or whoever s/he was) is NOT a favorite author of mine. My "1st" Gothic was her novel "Engraved in Evil"; it left me cold/disinterested. For that reason I consider "Mostly by Moonlight" by Dorothy Daniels to be my true 1st Gothic. I've also attempted to read her novel (briefly commented upon months ago in the blog) "The Dark of Memory." With all due respect to Ms. Minton (who's obviously been published)...I simply do not like her writing style. She is, however, also the author of "Shadow of a Witch" which doubles with a novelette by Genevieve St. John in yet a 3rd Belmont Double (soon to be posted) I'm going to give Ms. Minton another chance.

More to follow--

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