Thursday, November 20, 2008

:+: The New Garnet Night :+:

I'm happy to announce this blog has been revamped. The changes:

1. Photos of cover art obtained from Ebay and downloaded into my Photobucket account and posted here (with appropriate credit). Steve aka Karswell of "The Horrors of It All" suggested I check Ebay for scans/images, as it's a veritable library of same. He was right. :-) I'm not an Ebay shopper, didn't know this. Thank you Steve! Basically there are only 4 cover art I've not been able to locate. As I work an average of 55 hours per week on the computer, this is a definite and welcomed shortcut. As to my own scanner, flu and cold and relatives/in-laws and impending holidays have conspired to push that back another 2 weeks at least. We've obtained a used computer (returnable). If installing the scanner on that fails, I'll consider a new computer.

Anyway, be sure to scroll through Old Posts to see the cover art of "Bells of Widow's Bay" and etc.

2. I've included (right-hand sidebar) -- permanently -- the fantabulous cover arts by Barrymore Tebbs and Steve/Karswell for my submission "The Tragedy of Sutterbury Manor" which Absinthe of "Gloomy Sunday" hosted as part of a contest. Thanks again to all!

3. A banner is forthcoming via Steve/Karswell. We're hammering out the final touches on it.


Absinthe said...

Very cool Cindy! I'm also looking forward to seeing your new banner. Karswell does awesome work so I know its going to look great!

Cindy M said...

Thanks Absinthe! I've had the "sneak preview" and he is indeed a very talented man. ;-)

sexy said...