Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Double Gothics: My 1st

I found this Belmont Double Gothic at the local used bookstore around May; was surprised to discover such a creature existed! I *love* these doubles and have ordered every title still obtainable; currently my Belmont collection is complete except for one remaining volume.

Signet also published double Gothics. I've recently purchased a volume and its cover scan is available via that bookseller -- yay!

Interestingly (?) I can only find them [Belmont or Signet] available for sale in Canadian bookstores [aside from the volume above found locally]. All volumes are in pristine condition.

--More to follow--!

[Scanned image was obtained via http://people.uncw.edu/smithms/Belmont.html]


Absinthe said...

I have this same one - plus a few others I think. Haven't read it yet but it is in my "to be read" pile!

Cindy M said...

Aren't they fabulous? And though the stories are shorter, they still pack the punch of a full-length novel.

I also like the fact that it's a double panel on the FRONT and the stories are back-to-back [unlike another other type of double novel I've seen wherein the 2nd story is "upside down" relative to the 1st and its cover is on back].

Karswell said...

These are cool covers, like a crazy 2-for-1 drive-in double feature. I saw some of these recently at a bookstore nearby here, what's the one you're looing for? Maybe they had it... I go up there occasionally and can check for you.