Friday, November 21, 2008

+ New Banner +

Ta-da! :-)

Thank you very much Steve aka Karswell!

Also be sure to check out Images from the Gothic film :+The Crow+: on right sidebar and at bottom. It's one of my favorites [RIP Brandon Lee].

Soon to come:

1. Cover scans of Belmont Double Gothics.
2. Cover scan of a Signet Double Gothic (ordered yesterday).

With the exception of one Double Gothic (found locally), I've purchased the others from bookstores in Canada. Were these books specially printed for Canadian readers?

Those cover scans were found on the 'net: One via, one via Canadian bookseller, and the others via web site which catalogs old "double" fiction books (including sci-fi). Will credit sources as they're posted.

3. Cover scans of Sinister House of Secret Love, Vol. 1 - 3. A comic buy/trade/sell company scanned those covers and of course I'll credit the source.

And of course a book review is forthcoming when I'm done savoring the current. ;-)


Absinthe said...

Very nice! Spooky and beautiful at the same time!

Cindy M said...

Thank you!

Karswell said...

And thank you... anyone interested in spicing up their blog with a fancy pants banner can contact me at for more info.

Thanks Cindy.