Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Gloomy Sunday" Update

A delicate topic, and with all due [tremendous] respect: Perhaps it's my imagination, but it seems Absinthe's "Gloomy Sunday" blog is becoming harder to access via Google Cached feature; which is the only way I know to access it now.

I've tried contacting Absinthe via e-mail, and more recently via snail-mail. I'm awaiting [hopefully] a snail-mail reply. Please do *not* request her street address from me; I will not give it out.

I've copied/pasted to My Pictures the 3 Gothic Romance comic books Absinthe scanned and posted to Gloomy Sunday. I will eventually contact a GR message board and request those images be included in their Files section. If not, I'll consider a "Plan B" in honor of Absinthe's work/effort in sharing those images with us ["Plan B" will *not* include this blog]. One of those comics alone is 39 pages! {-whew!-} I'm especially awed at Absinthe's devotion.

It seems there was a 4th comic she scanned/posted. From "Sinister House of Secret Love"? I recall one panel of a "modern" woman seated in the back of a car beside a burial plot on a rainy day. Can't find it. :-(

Meanwhile I'll wait a while to see if I get word from Absinthe. :-) If not, my next update will concern inclusion of the comic-book images elsewhere.


Barrymore said...

thanks for keeping up on this. I have the majority of her book cover scans saved to my hard drive in my Gothic Covers collection, but none of the comics. Hopefully she will be able to revive her blog in the near future!

dq405 said...

Yes indeed, thank you for trying to contact her.

If you do succeed, please give her my best hopes and wishes. She had a wonderful blog, and some of the finest cover scans on this topic.

I would very much regret her absence.


Kathi9 said...

Please let Absinthe know that her excellent Gloomy Sunday blog is very much missed.



Clark Nova said...

I sent these links to Absinthe once, don't know if she ever looked for them, but they are FREE and available in .cbr format (which is a comic viewer similar to .pdf) - if you change the extension to .rar, extract the folder, each page will be in .jpg format. Just do a search on:

I found:
Sinister House 1-3
Dark Mansion 1-4
Forbidden Tales 5-15


Also, there are a few issues of Haunted Love on this most excellent blog, if you're not already familiar:

I too miss the frequent updates on Gloomy Sunday, if you manage to get a hold of her...tell her she's greatly missed! You two provide the only vintage Gothic fix available on the web...and I'm still jonesin'!

Cindy M said...

Greetings all: Thanks for the comments and compliments.

I'll definitely convey all your sentiments to Absinthe, in the event I receive a reply. :-)

Clark Nova, thanks for those links. Will make a note of them.

Yesterday while seeking a specific cover scan ["The Mistress of Ravenstone" by Monica Heath; no other source has it], I discovered it's vanished from Gloomy Sunday; only a small empty box remains. I incidentally noticed other cover scans [which books I don't own] have also disappeared. I have no idea how long Google Cached holds information, but it seems material from her blog *might* be slipping away.

I definitely hope she will return and revive the blog, if that's possible. Time will tell of course... *sad*

Karswell said...

It is weird how she just upped and evaporated. I've emailed her too (as have other members of The League of Tana Tea Drinkers) and received zero reply.

Cindy M said...

Thanks for that note, Karswell. It's...definitely a concerning mystery. I have mailed a greeting card to her home address; am awaiting a reply.

I certainly hope nothing bad has happened to Absinthe, but there's no point in speculating (even though I do a bit, privately) and probably will never know. :-( Was just starting to get to know her online.

Absinthe put a lot of work and effort into that blog. I've done the same with a Yahoo! Group and know that most folks wouldn't "pull the plug" for no good reason. What troubles me most is it seems she was "gone" in mid-stride; there was every indication her most recent post was "just another" with more to come.

*sigh* Life (even online!) is full of surprises and this has been a whopper.

I'd hoped for this blog to be *complementary* to Gloomy Sunday. It seems, sadly, that this blog might now be alone. You all might be stuck with just me...hooray (NOT). :-(