Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Treats, unexpected surprises & a question...

Stopped by the local used bookstore after doing a bit of banking. I picked up four Gothics, one of which is my next-to-read: It's set in Ireland and includes a Glossary in the back, and a RECIPE for Irish Green or Erin Sauce. Cool! B-) And it has awesome cover art; can't wait to review and share the cover art -- including a scan of the novel's back -- with you!

I have a question: Does anyone recall Absinthe of Gloomy Sunday mentioning "pocket edition" Gothic mini-novels? I've tried locating her post via Google Cached and cannot find it. Would like to pick up some of those (none available locally apparently; I've not yet encountered one) and need a bit of info, particularly the *publisher.* Thanks in advance for any input/direction.

Currently I'm reading a novel out of a Belmont Double Gothic by Daoma Winston. So far so very good, and will review it ASAP. Happy Holidays to all! :-)

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