Tuesday, December 16, 2008

~*~ Happy Holidays! ~*~

Wishing my regular readers Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year! It wouldn't take much for 2009 to be more prosperous, huh? :-\

Those black Yule trees truly are beauties. There are none for sale around here, and I doubt my husband would go for one. We have the traditional green up and decorated; it's a "Charlie Brown" artificial tree I've had since 1991. Brought it with me from NE, have kept it this long out of sheer sentiment. It looks rather ragged and "good grief" when taken out of its original box, but once decorated it's a *dazzler* which looks fine enough for a department-store window. :-D I should take Before/After pictures to prove this. Even I'm like, "Wow...that's the same tree??"

I might take a slow-down over the next two weeks; not only because of the impending major holidays, but also I've picked up some non-fictional material I want to dive into. But more cover scans and reviews are forthcoming.

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