Friday, December 26, 2008

Gloomy Sunday update

It's been nearly 3 weeks since I sent a snail-mail greeting to Absinthe's street address (again, I won't give it out to anyone so please don't write and ask). There's been no reply.

I doubt this post is premature. It seems a certainty that Absinthe's "Gloomy Sunday" blog is permanently gone. Knowing what I do of internet forums, once a forum is deleted it -IS- deleted. I have no idea what might have happened and it's pointless to speculate. This has caused me a lot of concern and trepidation, despite the fact that we were still relative strangers and I knew only perhaps 5 personal items about Absinthe. I can't help wondering if something very bad has happened to Absinthe or in her life. :-(

2008 has been a weird and trying year as friends and acquaintances go; it's contained shockingly sudden upheavals and losses (though since November there has been a tremendous and equally unexpected GAIN of a group of real-life friends; a happy reunion), and I'm sad (and extremely chagrined) to say Absinthe and Gloomy Sunday's disappearance has been most shocking of all, despite the online nature of it all.

I truly and 100% genuinely do miss Absinthe and "Gloomy Sunday" -- it was wonderful reading Absinthe's reviews, checking out the cover art and getting a notion of what GR novels are in circulation in her area.

Guess you're stuck with me now. Don't know what else to say except my best thoughts and wishes to Absinthe...


AndyDecker said...

Thanks for the info. Sad about Absinthe. I liked her blog.

dq405 said...

She offered the largest and sharpest Gothic cover scans that I've seen on the Web, and they helped to make her site a daily joy.

I can only hope that she's well, that her absence is due to some minor mistake, and that she might return some day. But for now, I can only say that I wish her the best... and that I miss her site.