Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New: Co-reviewer / rating system

Since she likes curling up with Mommy while I'm reading [and trying to gnaw/chew on cover corners] and she's absolutely lazy in the daytime [sacked out on the day-bed usually], I've decided to put Trixie to good use: Co-reviewer of my Gothic novels. Her rating system will be:

One Paw: This stinks. No cat mentioned; nothing pertaining to cats whatsoever. A dog must have written this! You humans are SO species-ist; it's all about you self-important BIPEDS or those barking knuckleheads you love so much...! [You get the drift; see what I have to put up with?]

Two Paws: Alludes to a cat just once. I'm so NOT impressed.

Three Paws: Meow-velous! A cat figures in the story, maybe even mentioned by name!

Four Paws: **Double** meow-velous! I'm bowled over! There is a cat in the cover art AND s/he has a name in the story. All cats should *definitely* curl up with their Mom or Dad while reading this novel...

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